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  1. Stranger Things S03E08 Chapter Eight The Battle of Starcourt (1080p x265 10bit FS84 Joy).mkv759.74 MB
  2. folder.jpg803.64 KB
  3. How to play HEVC (THIS FILE).txt3.42 KB
  4. Ninite K-Lite Codecs Unattended Silent Installer and Updater.website561 bytes
  5. Stranger Things S03E01 Chapter One Suzie, Do You Copy (1080p x265 10bit FS80 Joy).mkv492.49 MB
  6. Stranger Things S03E02 Chapter Two The Mall Rats (1080p x265 10bit FS85 Joy).mkv490.22 MB
  7. Stranger Things S03E03 Chapter Three The Case of the Missing Lifeguard (1080p x265 10bit FS88 Joy).mkv485.81 MB
  8. Stranger Things S03E04 Chapter Four The Sauna Test (1080p x265 10bit FS85 Joy).mkv516.24 MB
  9. Stranger Things S03E05 Chapter Five The Flayed (1080p x265 10bit FS85 Joy).mkv508.48 MB
  10. Stranger Things S03E06 Chapter Six E Pluribus Unum (1080p x265 10bit FS77 Joy).mkv583.30 MB
  11. Stranger Things S03E07 Chapter Seven The Bite (1080p x265 10bit FS84 Joy).mkv539.60 MB
  12. Encoded by JoyBell (UTR).txt3.18 KB