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  1. Riverdale S01E01 Chapter One The Rivers Edge [1080p x265 10bit Joy].mkv480.85 MB
  2. folder.jpg200.42 KB
  3. How to play HEVC (THIS FILE).txt3.82 KB
  4. Ninite K-Lite Codecs Unattended Silent Installer and Updater.website561 bytes
  5. Encoded by JoyBell (UTR).txt4.01 KB
  6. Riverdale S01E02 Chapter Two A Touch of Evil [1080p x265 10bit Joy].mkv435.24 MB
  7. Riverdale S01E03 Chapter Three Body Double [1080p x265 10bit Joy].mkv436.89 MB
  8. Riverdale S01E04 Chapter Four The Last Picture Show [1080p x265 10bit Joy].mkv436.36 MB
  9. Riverdale S01E05 Chapter Five Heart of Darkness [1080p x265 10bit Joy].mkv435.62 MB
  10. Riverdale S01E06 Chapter Six Faster Pussycats Kill Kill [1080p x265 10bit Joy].mkv436.39 MB
  11. Riverdale S01E07 Chapter Seven In a Lonely Place [1080p x265 10bit Joy].mkv436.40 MB
  12. Riverdale S01E08 Chapter Eight The Outsiders [1080p x265 10bit Joy].mkv436.40 MB
  13. Riverdale S01E09 Chapter Nine La Grande Illusion [1080p x265 10bit Joy].mkv430.75 MB
  14. Riverdale S01E10 Chapter Ten The Lost Weekend [1080p x265 10bit Joy].mkv436.67 MB
  15. Riverdale S01E11 Chapter Eleven To Riverdale and Back Again [1080p x265 10bit Joy].mkv436.21 MB
  16. Riverdale S01E12 Chapter Twelve Anatomy of a Murder [1080p x265 10bit Joy].mkv436.57 MB
  17. Riverdale S01E13 Chapter Thirteen The Sweet Hereafter [1080p x265 10bit Joy].mkv436.59 MB